Sargassum is a seaweed (or marine algae) that drifts in great rafts across the ocean.

It is not just one seaweed species, but many different types that all share the same name. In Belize, this seaweed is brown or yellow-brown and can grow over 5 ft long!

  • Under the INCAVPESCA project, beneficiaries from the region's national fisheries and aquaculture departments will learn about seaweed mariculture management and cultivation techniques.


The Sargassum plant typically accumulates on Belizean beaches after storms or during warm seasons. Many people know of sargassum because of its pungent and distinctive smell it creates on beach shores, but Belizean's are playing a major role in raising awareness of its diverse ecological benefits as well as creating alternative livelihoods in an attempt to manage the impact it has on the country.


Globally, sargassum/seaweed is farmed for processing into carrageenan or agar (thickening agents), but Belizean's have helped this seaweed become more widely known for its high nutritional value as a natural consumable ingredient, a cosmetic additive, a biofuel, and much more! Local entrepreneurs have created juices, smoothies, and hair and body care products.