June 2022: 9 Day Belize Trip

9 Days In Belize With JBC

From the village, to the beach, to the city: our travelers experienced a hand-selected exploration of Belize! This never been done before trip paired learning and adventure to visit sites found In the new Travel Belize with JBC book.

Yellow Team

Green Team

Blue Team

Orange Team

Day One- Arrival

 Explorers arrived at Philip Goldson International Airport before heading to Black Orchid Resort for a surprise dinner and dancing.

Day Two:  River Tour + Cultural Exchange & Business Mixer

Explorers went on an early morning boat tour with an outstanding guide and returned to a business mixer party. The business mixer was a collaborative effort to raise awareness and create a networking opportunities for Belizean-Owned businesses. 

Day Three: Preschool & Altun Ha Temple

Explorers got to give back to the community by supporting a backpack giveaway and game day at Sandhill Preschool. They also visited the central Mayan Temple Altun Ha with a personal tour by one of the original Jade-head's founders grandson. Our tour guide was also a father of one of the students at Sandhill Preschool. 

Day Four: Caye Caulker Hunt

Our teams got to explore the Caye Caulker and meet some amazing local businesses and business owners! They had so much fun interacting and speaking with so many awesome people! We are so very thankful for an amazing day!

Day Five: Blue Hole & Half-Moon Caye

Explorers traveled the open seas to visit one of the worlds most unique and amazing sites. This big group got to dive in the deep blues to see some of the 

Day Six: Shark Ray Alley & Sunset Tour

Explorers had wonderful time learning about the Belize barrier reef as well as some outstanding marine creatures that live throughout believes. We saw nurse sharks, stingrays, large fish, queen conchs, sea fans, and so much more. 

Day Seven: City Lights 

After a long and exciting week, our explorers got a chance to wind down and relax by the sea in beautiful Belize City. 

Day Eight- Gracebank Village & Zip Lining

Explorers got to visit the home of Gracebank Creations. They got a special tour from our youngest tour guide, Wisdom and some special village treats. Some of our travelers took a ride on the wild side and explored Belizean Caves and Zip Lining!! They had a great time!

Day Nine- Departure:

Over 250 books donated and distributed, 116 local businesses supported, 40 backpacks donated, 3 amazing hotels Black Orchid Resort Coral View Hotel & Resort Golden Bay Belize Hotel ,plus countless adventures & and bonds made that will last a lifetime.