Ministry of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation

The Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation (MBECA) is a new innovative Ministry formed in November 2020 to encourage the sustainable economic development of the oceans, waterways, and coastal zones in Belize, while also ensuring the protection of critical ecosystems to prevent environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and the negative impacts to human well-being.

MBECA in Action

Blue Economy Cluster

A multi-sectoral advisory body comprised of representatives from governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, associations and cooperatives, academia, and the private sector.

Blue Economy Scoping and Diagnostic Analysis

An analysis done to assess the current Blue Economy Sectors in Belize, the existing enabling environment, and the identification of new and potential areas of blue investment.

National Blue Economy Development Strategy and Plan:

A 5-year guide being developed to establish the direction and development pathways for investments and a thriving sustainable ocean-based economy in Belize.

Adoption of the Sea Shore Park:

The beginning of beautification and restoration projects to provide a safer, educational, and fun-filled park for the community.

Belize Fisheries Department

Belize Airports Authority

Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute

Department of Civil Aviation