Importance of Belize's Connection with its Diaspora

Written By: Chanel Ashford

Belize has a long and rich history of immigration, dating back to when the earliest indigenous people settled in this region. While many of these immigrants were Maya, a significant number came from other parts of Central America, Mexico, and Europe.

Today Belize is home to thousands of residents who live worldwide, including in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The country continues to recognize its diaspora as an essential part of its identity. The Belizean diaspora is an essential economic force in the country. More than one-quarter of Belize's GDP comes from money sent home by immigrants living abroad. These "remittances" are used to support families back home and finance small businesses and other investments.

In this way, the diaspora plays an essential role in driving economic growth and development in Belize. Many organizations have been set up expressly to support the Belizean diaspora.

Through such initiatives like Travel Belize JBC, the country can continue to build closer ties with its many members living overseas and ensure that their contributions continue to benefit its people for years to come.