July 2023: 10-Day Trip

Reflecting on an extraordinary journey of exploration and connection. From hidden trails to vibrant reefs, we delved into nature's wonders. We laughed, shared stories, and formed lasting bonds. Our journey wasn't just a trip; it was an opportunity to discover, learn, and grow. Until our paths cross again, may your memories be a testament to the beauty we uncovered together. 🌍

Day One: Arrival 

Day Two: River Tour & Business Mixer 

Day Three: Mayan Temple Run

Day Four: Horseback Riding & Waterfalls 

Day Five: Cave Tubing & Zipling 

Day Six: Sunset Catamaran Tour & Lobster

Day Seven: Goff Caye & Snorkeling with Fabolous Adventure Tours 

Day Eight: Caye Caulker

Day Nine: Caye Caulker 

Day Ten: Belize City